Mayweather vs McGregor Live Stream

You can Watch The historical fight Mayweather vs McGregor Live Stream online here free. It is considered to be the first billion dollar boxing match. This match is produced and distributed by Showtime PPV and promoted by Mayweather promotion. The mega bout is predicted to break all home box office records.

Mayweather vs McGregor

Mayweather vs McGregor Live Stream info

Fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor
Date: Saturday, August 26
Start Time: 6:00 P.M(PT) / 9:00 P.M (ET)
Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Paradise
Live Stream Free: Showtime PPV

The mega fight Mayweather vs McGregor has been licensed as professional boxing match by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). Previously NSAC also gave McGregor to debut his professional boxing career. The mega fight has been contracted under junior middleweight or super welterweight category. McGregor vs Mayweather Super Match will be fought on 12 rounds plain boxing match. Mayweather has been 5 division champion and still unbeaten, scored by 49-0. While McGregor has been 2 division UFC champion, scored by 21-3-0(MMA) and 0-0(boxing)

Both fighter supposed to wear 10oz gloves for the bout. However, Mayweather has offered McGregor to use smaller 8oz gloves for the Money Fight. NSAC had been strict in this matter before. However, during the 2 week countdown to super match, NSAC stated that the might be open for further discussion and negotiation about the smaller gloves request. Recently, NSAC has clearly declared that they will seriously discuss this issue in the next meeting with McGregor and Mayweather representative. Furthermore, NSAC is intended to make a discussion for this matter.
The other interesting fact of NSAC for this mega bout is derived from referee selection. NSAC has removed Kenny Bayless from the possible official list for McGregor and Mayweather mega bout. Bayless was removed from the list due to his past commentary and review about the McGregor and Mayweather bout. He argued that this fight is about two different kind of sport which is pointless to watch. McGregor also refers to the Bayless records that he worked in 12 Mayweather fights. However, NSAC claimed that Bayless removal has nothing to do with McGregor objection.

Both McGregor and Mayweather have traded trash talking through footages and conferences. The fight has been promoted through 4 big cities tour London, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles. The training footages are spread over the internet and social media. This controversial fight has created huge euphoria over generations. It’s very interesting, that fan’s prediction goes to Mayweather’s winning, but McGregor seems has no fear and full of confident to beat him. It can be seen that they’re on emotion and words’ war during the conferences and footages. The most surprising fact is that McGregor has been favorite over the Mayweather on betting odds until now.

The Showtime PPV has won all the exclusive rights to broadcast the Money Fight McGregor vs Mayweather. If you’re residing the US then that is where you can live stream McGregor vs Mayweather money fight on this 26th August. If you order Showtime PPV McGregor vs Mayweather you will enjoy some additional package such as watching All Access episodes which broadcast both fighters training and conference footages.

The Showtime PPV has set the price of McGregor vs Mayweather bout at US$ 89.95 for standard graphic definition (SD) and US$ 99.95 for high definition (HD). The first thing you should do is to visit Showtime PPV official site. Then you find the sports event titled “Mayweather vs MCGregor” then select it. It will bring you to the official Showtime PPV page of McGregor vs Mayweather. As you reach the page you will be offered with several TV providers or channels : Xfinity, Directv, Dish, Time Warner Cable, Spectrum, Fios by Verizon, U-Verse, Cox, Optimum, Suddenlink, Frontier, and Mediacom. If you already have an account of those providers or channel you can simply order PPV through your account without any additional subscription to Showtime PPV. If you don’t have then you must subscribe first with your valid email. You can order it online from your laptop or by your remote TV.

It doesn’t matter what channel or providers you use, the topology for ordering PPV McGregor vs Mayweather is the same in general. As a remote TV is in your hand, you can simply press Menu twice, highlight Pay-Per-View (PPV) and press OK/Select. Find trough PPV event which has niche sport or boxing then press OK/select. Next, highlight the event which has title “Mayweather VS McGregor”, as mentioned above, you’ll be offered Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition(HD). As you follow the prompts, you can simply complete your purchasing. The rest is to enjoy McGregor vs Mayweather on your screen.

The showtime PPV is projected to attract more than 5 million spectators throughout US region. If you’re planning to watch the match with your family or friends then it’s best for you to purchase the HD graphics for best experiences. It’s suggested for you to prepare your big screen TV and kicking sound system. However, if you’re going to watch the mega bout alone through your laptop or smartphone, you can order SD graphic so you save some 10 bucks from your pocket.

The Showtime PPV has officially confirmed that the Main Card McGregor vs Mayweather will be started on Saturday date 26th August at 9 P.M Pacific Time / 6 P.M Eastern Time. You should note and make some reminders in your TV or smartphone. You don’t want to miss any second of this historical boxing fight. Even though Showtime has confirmed nothing about order closing date, it’s still important for you to finish your purchase at anytime soon.

The main card Mayweather vs McGregor will be preceded by three undercard matches as it’s just confirmed on last week. The first undercard is the battle of Champion Nathan Cleverly vs. The second undercard will enlivened by IBF junior lightweight match the unbeaten Gervonta Davis) will stake his belt to fight Francisco Fonseca from Costa Rica. Third, Showtime and Mayweather production also announced a 10-round cruiserweight fight Andrew Tabiti vs Steve Cunningham from Philadelphia. If you want to watch the undercard you should turn on your TV several hours earlier.